TC Management

For ferrous scrap cargoes, the cost to ship can mean the difference between making a profit and loss account on sales.
SS Freight Solutions support ferrous scrap traders on time charter equivalent comparison for their shipments by combining local market knowledge with Access to entire drybulk Fleet from handies to ultramax carriers via it s worldwide network of shipowners.

How much you can save if you ship by hiring the same vessel on TC instead of voyage charter by paying freight?
We operate vessels on time charter on behalf traders ; providing optimum transport type for each sale contract based on our experience and big data of port positions,congestions ,discharging rate estimation on arrival

We operate and advise on scheduling, voyage cost, stowage and many other aspects of a successful time charter management operation.

• Analysis of vessels compatibility with ports.
• Providing chartering solutions trip, time and period charters.
• Creating tailor made charter parties addressing your trade and concerns.
• Post fixture analysis.
• Use of dedicated chartering software and reliable communication technology.
• Access to wide number of vessel owners and operators worldwide.
fix the right ship at the right time and competitive conditions

Just improve your sales , leave the rest to us!

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